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Generally they are not the strongest heating option available

Generally they are not the strongest heating option available, though they do come in a few different heat levels. Some people don't like the aesthetic of the heat cover either.

One great option that works in the patio, on the deck or even on the path up to your home is heat covers. The feel of the cold outdoor air mixing with the hot air from the fire is wonderful.

There are also large outdoor electric fireplace inserts. Make sure heat covers are secured tightly do they don't fall. Some provide a good deal of warmth while others are more like flame decoration for your estate during the winter. There versatility is what makes them so unique. The most basic is a fire pit that looks a lot like an outdoor BBQ grill. The problem is, when the temperature is below zero do you want to deal with starting a fire? Also if it rains keeping wood dry can be an issue. It's a large metal bowl you fill with wood, light and enjoy. Even if it is freezing out you can dine under a few heat covers. Depending on what you want there is a heat option for you this winter. Whether you want to take part in winter sports or simply enjoy your home and garden in the winter you are in good company. Installation is easy, they are light so can be fastened almost anywhere. These structures look sort of like patio umbrellas only they give off heat under their canopies.

There are also heat lamps that work on a similar concept. Still, a few of these strategically placed around a patio should be enough to keep you outdoors through winter. It is really simple and runs on wood. Looking online is a good place to start.

If you like to have fun outside you probably do not let the season get in the way. They are good for areas right around the home or around entrances.

. These are the kinds of units you can gather around on a cold Chiller day. They are smaller and more discreet but provide less heat. There are products on the xafs that make it easy to enjoy your garden, deck or patio all year round. You can opt for a pellet, wood or fire pit gas operated number.

There are other units that are designed to function like a fireplace with chimney cap but outside. One drawback however is they are a bit cumbersome.

There are also outdoor fireplaces

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